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adamhManaging Member I take a great pride in everything we do. In my over nine years experience in the insurance litigation and disaster recovery industry I have performed with my own two hands every service we offer. My time spent mastering this industry has allowed me to work across the country, gaining first-hand disaster response experience in all types of situations. When I was growing up my father ran a high-rise structural steel and concrete tilt up firm in Southern California. As a result, I have spent the majority of my life on or around construction job sites, which has given me a diversified knowledge base and stellar insight into what specific response is right for the geographic region, local municipality and personal situation. There is not much I haven't seen or been prepared to handle. During my career I have been licensed and insured to work in seven different states across the country. I hold OSHA certification and have completed professional studies in both Architecture and Construction Management. The combination of my hands on experience and professional knowledge is your guarantee that I will take the best possible course of action. Escex is unique in our dedication to making positive change and giving back to the communities we work with. Our business practices have generated enough word of mouth attention to grow a multimillion dollar company with an A+ rating with the BBB. We are debt-free, on the cutting edge of our industry, and always do what's right for our customer. The morals and values I was raised with are the same ones I instill in my company and my team of highly trained professionals. In my spare time I'm a loving husband and father of two. I am also an outdoor enthusiast and two-time donator to Locks of Love.
nickbManaging Member Nick Barzegar is a second generation professional contractor. His knowledge and passion for the industry go hand in hand with his partner’s as the driving force behind Escex's outstanding reputation, growth, and success. From daily project reviews to weekly progress meetings and site inspections, Nick engages in every project and product which bears the company name, ensuring that every client’s expectations are met or exceeded. A half-marathon runner and mountain biker, Nick believes that every success is rooted in the fundamentals. Everyone in the company needs to play their position and do their part for the team to be successful. The qualities of dreaming, reaching for and achieving success that are fundamental to excelling in sports translate perfectly into the business world and life in general. Under Nick's sales leadership, Escex has grown from a small roofing company into one of the fastest growing, highly respected roofing companies in Atlanta. Nick is a graduate of Southern Polytechnic State University and holds his undergraduate degree in construction management with a minor in business administration. Nick has served over 15 years in the construction and roofing trade under his father, who completed reputable commercial projects for the Government.
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