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“I want to thank you and Escex Storm Restorations for doing such a great job in replacing my roof.

After I heard your presentation at PowerCore , It seemed like getting a roof inspection would be a good idea for my home. Even though the roof looked fine from the ground, I knew that there had been a few major storms since I moved in 14 years ago, the last one this past March.

As it turned out, the roof had taken some substantial damage. I was surprised when your partner Nick showed me a shingle that he could just lift up. And, some leaks showed up as well.

So, I made a claim with my home insurer, and you replaced my roof. Not only does the new roof look great, your team’s cleanup was so good that my yard actually looked better than when they started!

I also appreciate that you helped me upgrade to shingles with a lifetime warranty, and waived the cost of my deductible so that I paid nothing, zero, zip of pocket.

I heartily recommend you and Escex as honest, and highly capable roofers and storm restoration specialists.”

       – Wesley Anderson, OCH, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy

“On June 13, 2013, I experienced devastating water and wind damage to my home due to a violent storm that came thru the Marietta northeast corridor. I contacted your office to evaluate the damage and you immediately dispatched Ronnie, a member of your staff. Ronnie was professional and told me that based on the investigation I should contact my insurance company because there was sufficient damage to warrant a roof replacement.

I immediately contacted my insurance company and they came our to my property with approximately eight members of their team and inspected my roof to later deny the claim. I appealed the findings based on information you and your staff provided and they sent the manager of the claims department who agreed with your findings.

I cannot tell you how pleased I am since I was denied on a previous claim with the same insurance company, when I handled on my own. Your dedication and advice made the difference and for this I will be forever grateful. My 14-year-old roof is being replaced entirely at no cost to me. Thanks to you and your staff.”

       – Tony M. Grant, MTX, EA, Tax Solutions Atlanta\USA, Inc.

“My name is Erik Biskupiak, I am the head sales representative at the Atlanta Branch facility for ABC Supply Company. Escex Storm Restorations is a top tier client or (2nd top customer) right after The Home Depot for the Atlanta market. Escex has established their company with a national credit account with ABC Supply Co. due to the high volume of business they have produced over other leading companies. Escex Storm Restorations has been repetitively the best client on turnaround time on orders and never missed a payment for material. As the leading and the largest Shingle distributor in the nation, myself and also my branch manager Jim Crew highly recommend Escex Storm Restorations as a leading provider in roofing and contracting.”

       – Erik Biskupiak, Sales Representative, ABC Supply Co. Inc.

“I am really impressed by the service I received from Nick and the team at Escex Storm Restorations . I knew my roof was old and needed replacing. I didn’t know that you could get my storm damages covered by my insurance- with no out-of pocket from me.

I had already received a quote from one roofing company since I had experienced a couple of leaks in my house . Since my roof was old I was sure I was going to need to replace it at considerable expense . I had resigned myself to that fact. However, you mentioned that you did a 47-point inspection for free, so I decided It couldn’t hurt to have you look at it.

Your great service began when you came out to inspect and explained what would happen at each step. I loved the fact that I didn’t have to do anything – you handled everything- even the transaction with the insurance company. Turns out, I had a fair amount of wind damage and my insurance company covered everything- including some indoor painting!

I was not around on the day your team came out to redo my roof. I fully expected nails and debris everywhere . What I found was surprising – my new roof looked great (of course) and my yard looked tidier than when I left that morning. My deck and driveway were even swept off!

In the end I would urge anyone who hasn’t had their roof checked in the past couple of years to get that free inspection, I’m so glad I did.”

       – Carole Loomis, Atlanta G

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