There’s a reason Escex Roofing and Restorations is one of the most recognized and trusted Athens roofing repair and restoration companies. We understand that a roofing emergency is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. That’s why we have a 24/7 phone line you can call as soon as you need assistance. Don’t hesitate to address the damage. A leaky roof can allow moisture to invade your home and cause more expensive issues in the long run. If you are not sure if your roof needs repair, Escex will provide a free inspection and consultation. We will analyze the damage, provide an accurate assessment, and work with you to make sure you understand the scope of the work. If you decide to work with Escex, we will consult with your insurance provider to make sure all guidelines are followed properly.

Escex is a licensed, bonded, and insured roof repair and restoration company with years of experience in the Athens community. You can be confident that we will do whatever is necessary to keep your home safe and protect its value. Our goal is to make sure you are satisfied with the condition of your home and happy with the service we offered. In order to make sure your routine is not disrupted, our planners and project managers will work with you to determine what the repair process will look like. Escex always works on time and on budget, so you will understand exactly what we will be doing to your home. Your home is as important to us as it is to you. Our employees will treat it with the same care as if it were their own property.
Above all, Escex is committed to providing great customer service. Contact our office with any questions you have and we will let you know how we can help.

You can call us at 855-47-ESCEX, (855-473-7239), email us at or click the above tab to fill out our FREE INSPECTION form.