Prevent big ticket costs, like water-damaged drywall, and save your property money, headaches, and time lost with a low cost roof maintenance plan for Atlanta area homes!



Minium 10 properties

Services Include:

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Downspout cleaning
  • Roof inspection
  • Photos of roof

Escex Storm Restorations offers those in the area around Atlanta two annual roof maintenance and gutter cleaning​ packages for your properties.

Roof Maintenance

Package 1


Price varies depending on the property size.

This package covers qualified crew members to service one problem per year.

Repairs May Include:

  • Repairing a pipe or vent leak
    (comes with a 90-day warranty)
  • Simple gutter repair
Roof Maintenance

Package 2

One-story property

Two-story property

This package covers our qualified Atlanta roof maintenance crew to perform repairs and gutter cleaning on the roof once a year.

Comes with a one-year transferable warranty.

Services Include:

  • Cleaning out all gutters, downspouts, and roofing surface
  • Resealing all flashings
  • Resealing all ventilation
  • Repairing any nail pops
  • Resealing any exposed nail heads
  • Removing and replacing any damaged shingles with closest matching color to current roof