If you’re a homeowner in Georgia, you know the phrase is not “if” you’ll ever need roof repair or replacement due to storm damage, it’s “when”. 

For transients that didn’t grow up in Georgia, hail is probably not the first, second or even third natural disaster that comes to mind when they think of what might cause storm damage to their roof. But for native Georgians, hail is one of the wild weather phenomenons seen every storm season come March. 

Why is the Weather Crazy in Georgia?

The reason storm season is so turbulent in Georgia has everything to do with geography and the frequency of cold fronts and warm fronts meeting. Both air masses have different densities, based on temperature, and do not mix well when they cross paths.

What is Hail?

Hail storms, in particular, are unique in the way they appear and the damage they can create all while remaining utterly fascinating. As a thunderstorm grows, updrafts will push water droplets into a region of the atmosphere that is below freezing (0 °C, 32 °F). When the water droplets collide together before reaching freezing temps it can cause some hailstone to grow several inches in diameter. 

As the hailstone falls through the sky it builds velocity and the only thing to stop it is the moment the hail meets the ground, or anything else it meets before then, like your car or your roof. Regardless of the size of the hailstone, the real damage is caused due to the velocity it has gained while falling, so even small pieces of hail hitting your roof can cause significant damage that requires some sort of roof repair or replacement.

Each time a piece of hail hits your roof, it is displacing the shingle, chipping it away until it breaks down. If 20 pieces of hail hit your roof, you now have 20 spots on your roof with a compromised shingle that could lead to roof leaks, rotting, etc.

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Hail Damaged My Roof! Now What?

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