After a major storm passes through, you will want to thoroughly check your home for damages. If you see any water or wind damage you may think your first call should be to your insurance company but before you start dialing make sure the number you’re calling is Escex Roofing & Restorations: 855-47-ESCEX.

What Happens When You Call Your Insurance Company? 

If you think your home has suffered damage due to the latest storm that passed through and you call your insurance company before calling a roofing contractor, you are immediately filing a claim, even before your insurance company sends anyone out to assess the damage themselves. This can have lasting negative effects on your homeowners insurance rate and over time your rate will start to rise. But when a contractor calls on behalf of the homeowner, the contractor should always call to set up a meeting with an adjuster after doing their own inspection. No claim will be filed on your policy until the adjuster has done a thorough inspection with the roofing contractor.

Why Call Escex Roofing & Restorations First? 

If you call Escex Roofing & Restorations for a free inspection and it is determined that a repair is needed, Escex will call your insurance company on your behalf to set up an adjuster meeting. An Escex team member will accompany the adjuster while they complete their assessment. Once the adjuster agrees that the roof is damaged and in need of repair, the claim is officially filed. 

When Escex Roofing & Restoration files the claim on behalf of the homeowner, the claim is filed as an “act of God”. An “act of God” claim refers to any event that occurs outside of human control that can’t be predicted or prevented; it was simply an act of God that was out of their control. Insurance companies do not look at that as a negative claim and your homeowners policy rates usually do not go up.

It’s important to hire a roofing contractor that is an insurance specialist. Being insurance specialists means you’re working with a company that is trustworthy and understands the tricky world of insurance claims. Escex roofers are all insurance specialists and will work in the best interest of their customers. 

For residents needing roof repair in Metro Atlanta, call Escex Roofing & Restorations for a FREE INSPECTION before calling your insurance company. As insurance specialists, you can trust that your home repairs are in safe hands. Call us today for more information at 855-47-ESCEX, (855-473-7239). To get in touch via email, send your inquiries to or click here to fill out a FREE INSPECTION form. We save you time, money and headaches all while retaining your properties true value.