Before listing your home on the market, there’s usually a long list of home repairs, renovations and updates to be made in order to make your house attractive to buyers. This can be pricey so you will want to be sure that you are only putting money into things that will increase the value of your home. Here at Escex Roofing and Restorations, we know one of those big-ticket items that will increase your home value is your roof.

So, the main question is – should you replace your roof before selling or should you attempt to sell as-is?

Roof Replacement

There aren’t many home improvements that will generate a full return on investment when selling your home, but there are some big benefits they can provide once it’s listed for sale. A brand new roof, in particular, can lead to getting your full asking price and only having your home on the market for a short period of time.

To get the biggest selling point for buyers, a full roof replacement would be the best option. The buyer knows that the entire roof has been removed and replaced as well as any internal repairs that may have been discovered during the replacement.

Roof Repair

If a full roof placement isn’t something you can afford, doing roof repairs, where most necessary, could do the job without losing any money. A few things to look into repairing should be any leaks, cracked or buckling shingles and any recent storm damage.

Selling Your Home As-Is

Not doing any roof repairs when necessary means leaving it for the next owner to deal with. If the buyer’s inspectors find more issues than just cosmetic, you’re asking them to buy a house that will immediately start costing them more money. Selling your home as-is can result in your home remaining on the market longer, buyers submitting reduced price offers or simply having fewer offers overall.

A New, Less Expensive Roofing Solution

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