Some roof leaks are obvious…a big hole in your roof or spots on your ceiling. Most leaks are not that obvious.  You don’t know it’s there until thousands of dollars in damage has been done. Know the warning signs so that it can be repaired promptly and professionally.

                     #1. You see mold and algae on your roof. 

These show up as green or black areas on your roof and are often indicative of larger problems and your roof could spring a leak in rapid fashion if this is left unchecked.

#2. Your attic feels stuffy and hot.

Improperly ventilated attics cause hot air to collect and slowly bake your roof’s shingles. When shingles are damaged, it’s only a matter of time before they leak.


                    #3  You see visible rot on the fascia or soffit boards.

Roof rot is not supposed to take place and is not a normal aging process.  In Georgia’s humid environment, the roof’s mat takes on added moisture and this leads to rot. Rot leads to leaks.


   #4 Your shingles curl and buckle.

This is a sign of excess water absorption, caused by advancing shingle age, unexpected roof deck shifting or improper installation. A roof with corrupted shingles cannot protect itself from wear and tear.



                 #5 You find shingles in your yard.

High winds can cause shingles to be blown off entirely. Missing shingles will lead to leaks within a matter of weeks.

A proper roof inspection will uncover exactly what is going on with your roof, allowing it to be fixed in time to save thousands in costly repairs. Ideally, schedule a yearly inspection on your roof!  They are usually free and a great way to maintain your biggest investment!